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Modern modalities require boundless imagination and limitless capabilities. Optimum Infinite changes the paradigm of Hyper Dk materials to support specialty lens designs. 


Hyper Dk

Infinite Possibilities

Hyper Dk Without Compromise

Developed to meet the performance needs of modern modalities and practitioners, Optimum Infinite offers hyper Dk (180Dk) without flexure, provides excellent wettability, is durable during lens handling and wear, and is easy to lathe.


Contamac's expert R&D chemists have rewritten the rules on Hyper Dk materials to give you Infinite Possibilities.

Tailored Modulus 

Inherently Wettable

High Scratch Resistance

Premium Material for
Scleral Lenses


Supports eye health with hyper oxygen permeability (180 Dk)

Tailored modulus to reduce flexure in scleral lenses

Inherently wettable to support lens wear


Boundless Imagination & Limitless Capabilities

Immeasurable Opportunities To Support Specialty Lens Designs

Modalities such as Sclerals and Orthokeratology have been propelled into the forefront of practitioners’ attention in recent years. As their popularity has boomed, it has become important for a material to have both high oxygen permeability [1] and a high modulus to reduce flexure.


Optimum Infinite was designed to not only support practitioners’ needs, but to equip manufacturers with a sturdy, stable and easy to machine hyper Dk material.


Contamac's expert R&D chemists developed Optimum Infinite to support current and future lens modalities. As a result, Optimum Infinite's unique properties offer laboratories an opportunity to push the boundaries of lens design and manufacturing.

An Innovative, Industry-Led Material

Purpose Made Hyper Dk Material
That Breaks With Tradition

Using industry insights [1], [2], the R&D team at Contamac were given the task of “developing a new GP material which combined exceptional oxygen permeability and excellent rigidity, without compromising other important properties such as latheability, wettability and high scratch resistance." Mark Eddleston - Project Leader for Optimum Infinite.


Contamac's R&D chemists developed a GP material that achieved the performance targets - hyper Dk (180Dk) without flexure, provides excellent wettability and is durable during lens handling and wear, and of course, is easy to machine.


Optimum Infinite changes the paradigm so you don't have to compromise when using hyper Dk materials. Mark and his team have rewritten the rules on Hyper Dk materials, providing limitless capabilities for specialty lens designs.


[1] Predicting estimates of oxygen transmissibility for scleral lenses Langis Michaud L, van der Worp E et al, Contact Lens and Anterior Eye Volume 35, Issue 6, 12/2012.

[2] Market research data on file at Contamac.

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