Read how this fisherman’s life was turned around with new scleral lenses made from Optimum Infinite.


Supports eye health with hyper oxygen permeability (180 Dk)

Optimal rigidity for scleral and ortho-k* modalities

High levels of comfort due to impressive wettability

Hyper Dk Without The Compromise

Purpose Made Hyper Dk Material That Breaks With Tradition

Optimum Infinite's development was guided by the expertise of key industry leaders and speciality contact lens manufacturers - requesting a contact lens material purpose-made for modern modalities.


In contrast to traditional high/hyper Dk materials, Optimum Infinite offers hyper Dk (180Dk) that retains rigidity, provides excellent wettability and is durable during lens handling and wear.


Pioneering research and industry support allowed Contamac's R&D chemists to re-write the rules on Hyper Dk materials so you and your patients don't have to compromise. 

Enhanced visual acuity

Longer wear time for active

Maximize lens longevity due to scratch resistant surface

A Fisherman's Tale - Melissa Barnett

Optimum Infinite enables your patients to live their best life!

This 60-year-old fisherman's livelihood was saved, affording him a new lease of life, when he was fit with upgraded scleral lenses made from our innovative 180Dk material. 

"When at sea it was impossible to remove my old lenses and I was wearing them for up to 18 hours each day! This was fine at first, but after a few years I began to develop some problems. 

I was told that I could no longer wear my lenses for extended periods, however, this would mean the unthinkable - taking early retirement. I wasn't prepared for this at all, financially or mentally. 

My optometrist suggested we try a different lens material, and thanks to my new lenses, I can now go all day without any issues. 

My vision has never been clearer either, these lenses really have changed my life!"

Together We Change Lives

Optimum Infinite delivers life-changing benefits, with wearers reporting improvements in visual acuity and unrivalled levels of comfort.

Hyper Dk

Excellent Wettability

Scratch Resistant

Optimized Rigidity 

High Comfort Levels

Premium Material for Scleral & Ortho-K*

High Oxygen Demand Corneae - Michael Wyss

Optimum Infinite enables your patients to live their best life!

Optimum Infinite brought life-altering benefits to this 64-year-old patient. 

Struggling to change lenses due to his rheumatoid arthritis, the extended wear* that was afforded to him by switching to Optimum Infinite has proven to be life changing. 

The corneal edema and endothelial blebs that were present with his previous traditional high Dk lenses are now a thing of the past. Not only that, but with Optimum Infinite he reports that he now enjoys a higher level of comfort, and his vision is the clearest it has been in a long, long time. 


An Innovative, Industry-Led Material

Optimum Infinite enables your patients to live their best life!

"As an R&D chemist, working in the contact lens industry is something that I find hugely rewarding, as it gives me the opportunity to develop products which will have a positive impact on the lives of patients." says Mark Eddleston - Project Leader for Optimum Infinite. 

Changing lives is right at the heart of what Optimum Infinite is about. With huge growth in the scleral and ortho-k market, there has been an increasing demand for a premium, Hyper Dk material - one which ticks all the boxes when it comes to fulfilling the needs of ECPs, and patients, alike. 

The eye health properties of Optimum Infinite combined with impressive wettability and on-eye comfort, have resulted in extremely positive interest in Optimum Infinite within the contact lens industry. 

"My role typically comprises taking a concept for a material that will bring benefits for patients and converting this idea into a finished product" - and with the addition of expert insight from key industry leaders, Optimum Infinite was born.

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*Material currently not approved for FDA overnight or extended wear

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